Hashbot Online Services

Server Supervisor is proud to be a part of Hashbot Online Services' Discord safety suite. You can learn more about the other bots from Hashbot Online Services here:

MemberGator : The Janitor | Removes Accounts that haven't acquired a role. Bid farewell to dormant bots and inactive accounts cluttering your server. MemberGator diligently monitors new members, automatically removing those who fail to acquire any roles within minutes. Maintain a clean and active community with minimal effort. Main commands include /change-timeout and /cleanse. Cost: Free. Invite link

DM Disabler : The Quiet Enforcer | Disables DMs Server-Wide. Elevate your server management by permanently disabling direct messaging capabilities with DM Disabler. Essential for protecting your members from spam and scam attempts by malicious actors, DM Disabler offers a simple, no-setup solution. Just invite it to your server to ensure a safer, spam-free environment for your community. Cost: Free Invite link

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